Created in 1955, PLASTYL rapidly became a major actor in the development of the plastic sector in France. Using the specific process of blown film, the company gained a valuable expertise in the production of thin crystal PS films (from 40 to 50 microns) sold to extrusion companies to be applied by lamination on high-impact polystyrene, in order to ensure a shiny finish.

In 1974, the company entered a new phase of growth by joining the leader in extrusion on the French market and adopting the cast extrusion process for the production of PS sheets and films. To accompany this new step, PLASTYL decided to build a new factory in Ablis in 1978, which would in the same year become its new home.

From 1986 to 2000, PLASTYL gained from the experience of various global groups, which helped it reach higher quality standards, namely the ISO 9001 norm.

In 2000, our company regained its independence. Roger Theisen and Philippe Elambert, its current directors, together with the whole team, strive to offer clients the best quality and service. Our strict observance of procedures, our constant vigilance as regards the origin of transformed products and our dedicated professionalism, are all factors contributing to PLASTYL’s success.

Today, proud of its success, PLASTYL is at your service to develop the best offer to meet your needs.